30 Years of Living with HIV

The 'Don't Die of Ignorance' Campaign 

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The impact of the Conservative Government's HIV prevention campaign in the 1980’s.

Oral histories: 21 (45 hours).

Resources: Exhibition;  Documentary; Website.

Partner: Positive East.

Discovering Phoenix & St Clements

Two iconic landmarks in Tower Hamlets 

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Phoenix students explore the history of two iconic buildings: their school and St Clements former mental health hospital.

Oral histories: 21 (45 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Video; Education pack.

Partner: Phoenix Special School.

Black Angels from the Empire

Overseas nurses from the Caribbean 

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The role played by overseas nurses and doctors in filling the gaps in the National Health Service. 

Oral histories: 10 (12 hours).

Resources: Booklet.

Partner: Melting Pot Redbridge.

Whipps Cross

The history of Whipps Cross hospital 

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Whipps Cross, named in 1917 for the visit of King George V,  and its significance within the WW1 national effort.

Oral histories: 3 + Vox Pops (10 hours).

Resources: Exhibition;  Website.

Partner: Waltham Forest Council.