Talking Sport

A look at the history of Sports in Newham 


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Children and young people look at the changes in access to sport in Newham, especially post Olympic developments. . 

Oral histories: 10 (18 hours).

Resources: School workshops; Youth film.

Folk of Forest Gate

Leisure in the Forest Gate, Newham


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Leisure in Forest Gate: great memories of pubs, clubs, cinemas, shops, galleries, parks, snooker halls, and skating rinks. 

Oral histories: 13 (25 hours).

Resources: Exhibition.

They Took The Lead

Clapton Orient and the Great War


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A volunteer project telling the story of the footballers, officials and fans of Orient who contributed to the First World War effort.

Oral histories: 10 (18 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Educational materials.

Partner: Leyton Orient Trust.

Women's Football & the Home Front

The East London Story


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The development of women's football, from it's beginnings in the 1890s to the present day. 

Oral histories: 4 (3 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Educational materials.

Partners: East End Women's Museum.

Barking Park

The memories of park goers


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Opened in 1898, Barking Park was the first council owned park in the borough and an area of strategic importance in WWII.

Oral histories: 18 (38 hours).

Resources: Walking tours; Podcasts; Videos; Reminiscence Packs.

Partner: London Borough Barking & Dagenham.

Memory Games

Barking and Dagenham's sporting talents


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Bobby Moore and Sir Alf Ramsey left a lasting sporting legacy in the borough. We speak to Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls.

 Oral histories: 24 (40 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Documentary film.

Partner: London Borough Barking & Dagenham.

Olympic Memories

Olympic Boroughs Past, Present and Future


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Community members express their views

on the 2012 Olympics in storytelling & reminiscence workshops. 

 Oral histories: 23 + Vox Pops (30 hours).

Resources: Short videos.

Partners: GAD; AbPhab; Wessex Archeology.

Central Park

The history of Central Park in East Ham


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From industrialization to the Second World War, we document

the rich history of Central Park opened in East Ham in 1898.

 Oral histories: 11 (20 hours).

Resources: Educational materials.

Partners: London Borough of Newham.

On the Beach

The opening of the Tower of London Beach


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The opening of the beach at Tower of London in 1934, providing a safe playground for the children of East London.

 Oral histories: 21 (25 hours).

Resources: Documentary film.

Partner: Historic Royal Palaces. 

Field of Dreams: Wanstead Flats

Wanstead Flats after the Second World War


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Local experiences of Wanstead flats, and the campaign to stop development on the Flats after the Second World War.

 Oral histories: 20 (25 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; History talks; Walking tour; Podcast.

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