30 Years of Living with HIV

The 'Don't Die of Ignorance' Campaign

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An oral history project  looking at the impact of the Conservative Government's HIV prevention campaign in the 1980’s by all those involved, including those who were not expected to survive.

Number of interviews: 21 (45 hours audio recordings).

Resources: Exhibition; Documentary film; Educational materials; Website. 

In partnership with Positive East - Heritage Lottery Funded.

Being Civil In Redbridge 

Civil partnerships and the LGBT community in Redbridge

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Eastside collected oral histories with members of the LGBT community in Redbridge, looking at how legislation has changed over the years and documenting discrimination and past difficulties.

Number of interviews: 16 (28 hours audio recordings).

Resources: Exhibition; Documentary film; Educational materials; Website.

In partnership with Redbridge Rainbow Community. 

Stories from the Joiners arms

The Joiners Arms venue before closure

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Eastside collected stories from the Joiners Arms LGBTQ+ nightclub opened in 1997 on Hackney Road, Tower Hamlets. The land was sold to developers and the venue closed down in 2015.

Number of interviews: 5 (12 hours audio recordings).

Resources: Exhibition.

ECH funded.

Proud at Pride

Celebrating the LGBTQ+ community

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Eastside celebrates the history of Pride, beginning in New York in 1969 with the Stonewall Riots. This became a global watershed for Gay Liberation and saw a new movement in LGBTQ+ activism. 

Number of interviews: 10 Vox pops.

Resources: Exhibition. 

In partnership with Redbridge Rainbow Community.

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