Silvertown Explosion

Commemorating the 1917 Silvertown Explosion 

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Stories of the fire which led to the ignition of 50 tons of TNT, costing the lives of 73 people. 

Oral histories: 7 + Vox Pops (14 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; History Talks; Website.

Working Lives of

the Thames Gateway

Celebrating the East End's industry workers 

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3 year long project carrying out 40 reminiscence sessions and 260 interviews on Food & Drink, Printing, Energy, Markets, Textiles, Engineering, Chemicals and Transport. 

Oral histories: 284 (500 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Documentary; Book.

Partners: Bexley, Havering, Newham, Greenwich

and Tower Hamlets Local Archives.

 North Woolwich

Workers' memories of the North Woolwich Docks 

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Memories from the Docks, from surviving between the wars, to the decline in the late 1960s and the rise of City Airport.

Oral histories: 24 (35 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Booklet. 

Partners: Newham Council.

Snapshots Through Time 

Looking back at the history of Ilford Ltd 

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Uncovering the heritage of Ilford Ltd,  one of the leading photographic companies of the 20th century. 

Oral histories: 12 (24 hours).

Resources: Exhibition;Walking Tour; Mobile App.

Partners: Sainsbury's.

Carry on Canals 

Stratford canals, Bow Back Rivers and Bow Lock 

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The canals in Stratford, Bow Back Rivers and Bow Lock, through the stories of former workers and residents.

Oral histories: 9 (15 hours).

Resources: Educational materials. 

Partners: Bow environmental Trust.