Tubular Bells and Copper Flowers

Our project Tubular Bells and Copper Flowers celebrates the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Opening Ceremonies 10 years on. We have been interviewing local people who volunteered to perform in the ceremonies, to record oral histories for our archives. Inspired by their amazing experiences, we've run workshops with community groups to remember and reflect on Newham's starring role in the 2012 Opening Ceremonies. 


"It was, you know, the proudest moment of my life - I'm a mother, I'm an award-winning teacher, but it was the proudest night of my life. I could not be any prouder of what we did that day and just being a part of it."  - Kulvinder



Listen to the sound clips below to hear from local people who performed in the ceremonies. These oral histories are now stored in our archive, to remember their once-in-a-lifetime experiences.