Newham Heritage Month · 30. April 2021
The Wonder of Woolworths
Fondly remembered, this iconic store, impacted not only on consumer buying habits, but united whole generations over those beloved Pic n Mix moments. We have explored local residents' recollections of Woolies for Newham Heritage Month, 2021. What's your favourite personal, Woolworths' story?
06. August 2019
We detail and contextualize the history behind our latest project, 'Becoming Becontree'.
01. April 2019
Ann Hayes, a volunteer on our Three Score Years and Ten project, describes some of the research she conducted, looking into the changes in nurses' uniforms.
26. February 2019
In lieu of our upcoming oral history project surrounding the Ronan Point tower block, we have prepared a research document to serve as our first blog post, detailing the events surrounding its collapse in 1968.