Sound Destination

A personal development programme

for young people at RDLAC 

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Resources: Workshops, Community poem film, Sound CVs.

My Newham Story

Young residents explore local history 

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For heritage week, we ran multimedia workshops in Newham making vlogs and podcasts learning and enjoying the borough's rich history.

Resources: Workshops; Radio show.

Anti-bullying Project II

Led by youth and adults with disabilities 

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Working with parents, carers and young people with disabilities to share experiences about bullying and well-being.


Resources: Workshops; Film.

Partner: AbPhab Youth Club; Advisory Partners.

Anti-bullying Project I 

Led by youth and adults with disabilities 

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Young people design and run their own anti-bulling workshops which include videos and personal presentations. 

Resources: Anti-bulling workshops; Video series.

Partner: AbPhab Youth Club.

Making Sense of Art in Barking & Dagenham

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Young adults with disabilities explore art history through museum visits before curating their very own local exhibition.

Resources: Art Exhibition;  Performances; Film.

Partner: Vibe Youth Club.

Making Music

Exploring the past through music

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Young adults with disabilities perform their own versions of classic songs and run reminiscence sessions with older groups.

Resources: Youth led film; Performances.

Partner: AbPhab Youth Club; Lester.

Turn Back Time

Exploring the past through film  

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Young people with disabilities learn about their local area through archive footage, and produced their own film as an end product. 

Resources: Youth led film; Ed. Pack.

Partner: DABD.

Road To Freedom

Documenting the history of slavery 

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Young people from East London look at the history of slavery, and receive training in film making and exhibition design. 

Oral histories: 10 (15 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Video; Drama production.

Partner: Newham Youth Parliament.

Common Ground

Unaccompanied minors learn multimedia skills 

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The project promoted better access to multimedia technology. The young people learnt to conduct interviews and make a film.

Resources: Film; Educational materials.

Partner: Trinity Centre.