We're Not Finished!

Women in Protest

Project website here

The history of East End women campaigning for working rights, trade union representation, and against austerity. 

Oral histories: 9 (11 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; workshops.

London Against Racism

 Anti-Racist Campaigns in London

 Project website here 

From battling the National Front to police harassment, we speak to activists who fought for social justice.


Oral histories: 18 (40 hours).

Resources: History Talk; Educational materials; Video series.

30 Years of Living with HIV

The 'Don't Die of Ignorance' Campaign 

Project website here

The impact of the Conservative Government's HIV prevention campaign in the 1980’s.


Oral histories: 21 (45 hours).

Resources: Exhibition;  Documentary; Website.

Voices of Leytonstonia

The M11 Link Road Campaign  

Project website here

The early 90's M11 Link Road Campaign which turned a quiet area of east London into a thriving hub of resistance.


Oral histories: 22 (52 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Film.

Working with a Disability

The Remploy factory in Barking 

Contact us for resources

 Disability groups approve factory closures in favour of mainstream jobs. Remploy workers tell another story.


Oral histories: 6 (10 hours).

Resources: Exhibition. 

Saving the Queens

 Newham's Queen's Market 

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The campaign against the redevelopment proposed by Newham Council in 2004 - still continuing today.


Oral histories: 22 (25 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Pop Up Market Museum.

RAMFEL Refugee Refuesniks

The Refugee And Migrant Forum East London 

Project website here

25 years of RAMFEL, an organisation fighting for the legal rights of refugees and migrants founded in 1992.


Oral histories: 7 + Vox Pops (12 hours).

Resources: Booklet.

The Hungarian Revolution

The 1956 Hungarian Uprising 

Contact us for resources

Personal stories from the Hungarian Revolution against the government and soviet imposed policies.


Oral histories: 7  (16 hours).

Resources: traditional Hungarian dance event.

Being Civil In Redbridge

Civil partnerships in Redbridge 

Project website here

Exploring the history of civil partnerships, changes in legislation and the impact on the LGBTQ+ community. 


Oral histories: 16 (28 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Film; Educational pack.

Road To Freedom

The history of slavery by young people 

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Young people from East London document the history of slavery through their own film and exhibition.


Oral histories: 16 (28 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Film; Educational pack.