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Stories of two families, on each side of the river, watching the docks go up in flames - £5.99

A portrait of working life in London's eastern riverside, forget out of spoken testimony - £9.99

A complication of photographs of East London's black and Asian community from the 1920s to the present day - £6.99

The experiences of some of the women who helped to build the NHS - £3.50

The story of the Newham street through its residents'  life stories - £3.50

A reflection on Eastend Lives from the diaries and letters of a young man - £2.50

The memories of fourteen women reflect the borough's wealth of cultures - £3.95 

The story of the black and Asian community in the 1920s and 30s - £3.50

Residents' own stories of growing up, living and working in Silvertown - £3.50

The history of St. Mary's church, East Ham through the eyes of its users - £2.50

The words of those living on the Teviot Estate, built following WWII - £3.50

North Woolwich's key part in the development of London and of the country - £3.50

The memories of parishioners  on St John's and Stratford from 1830 to today - £2.50