A Home Fit To Live In

Housing in Canning Town 1950s, 60s, 70s

Project website here.

                         Celebrating Canning Town as a historic centre of housing standards and innovation.

Oral histories: 9 (14 hours)

Resources: Exhibition, website.


Bethnal Green Stories

The Sutton Estate in Tower Hamlets

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Documenting the rich history of Tower Hamlets' 

first estate in Bethnal Green. 

Oral histories: 8 (12 hours).

Resources: Exhibition.

Partner: Affinity Sutton Tenants' Association.

Bridging the Gap

 The Aberfeldy Estate in Tower Hamlets

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This multimedia project based on the Aberfeldy Estate captured oral histories with older residents. 

Oral histories: 14 (20 hours).

Resources: Film; Exhibition.

Partner: Hiatus 8.

Cinema to Synagogue

The history of the Ilford United Synagogue

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The history of the Synagogue in Beehive Lane and the Jewish
community in Redbridge.

Oral histories: 13 (25 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Podcast.

Clays Lane Oral History Project

Stratford's Housing Cooperative


Gathering oral histories eleven years on from the demolition of Stratford's Clays Lane housing cooperative.


Oral histories: 6 (10 hours)


Close Knit

Newham's Crafting Heritage 

Stories from Newham's crafters, through the generations.

Project website here

Oral histories: 10

Vox pops: 10

(8 hours)

Green Street Lives

  Green Street in Newham over the past 40 years 

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The story of the Newham street through the opinions and life

stories of some of those who lived or worked there.  

Oral histories: 14 (20 hours).

Resources: Booklet.

Partner: Green Street Partnership SRB.

Growing Memories

Changes in and around the Olympic Park

Project website here

Charting the redevelopment and resettlement of Stratford through food and diet.

Oral histories: 9 (6 hours).

Resources: Booklet; film; website

Partner: East End Community Foundation

Growing up in Plaistow

A history of Plaistow by local residents

Project website here

Exploring the development and history of Plaistow through the memories of local residents.

Oral histories: 11 (18 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; App; Website.

Partner: Plaistow South Big Local.

Imagining the Past: Barking & Dagenham

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Local historians for the day, children explored the archive and interviewed local people from their community. 

Oral histories: 14 (20 hours).

Resources: Booklet.

Partner: LBBD.

 Making Our Home in Canning Town 

From Rathbone Market to the Royal Docks, our project seeks to capture the area's rich history through oral histories.


Oral histories: 7 (10 hours)

Resources: Exhibition. 

Redbridge: London or Essex?

Celebrating 50 years of Redbridge

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 A project looking at the recent history of Redbridge as a London Borough and celebrating its 50 years.

Oral histories: 9 (15 hours).

Resources: Exhibition; Website.

Rediscovering Redbridge

70 years of Redbridge 

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People's memories of living in Redbridge over the past 70 years, from wartime rationing to transport and shopping.

Oral histories: 20 (30 hours).

Resources: Podcasts; Exhibition.

Remembering Marks Gate and North Chadwell Heath

The evolution of Marks Gate and North

Chadwell Heath since the 1950s

Project website here 

Oral histories: 12 (12 hours).

Resources: Website, Podcast, Exhibition.

Partner: North Meets South.

Ring Ramblers Walking Tour

A historical walking tour to the Olympic Park 

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Working with young people with autism, we developed a walking tour from Bow to the Olympic Park. 

Oral histories: 11 (22 hours).

Resources: Film; Walking Tour; Ed. pack.

Partner: Phoenix Secondary School.

Stories from Silvertown

Silvertown and the docks by local residents

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We worked with local residents to preserve the heritage of the communities that lived in Silvertown and the docks. 

Oral histories: 19 (30 hours).

Resources: Booklet.

Partner: Silvertown Tenants Association.

Teviot Tales

 The history of the Teviot Estate, Tower Hamlets

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The 1950's Teviot estate was affected by the closing of the docks, bringing major changes to the local economy. 

Oral histories: 14 (20 hours).

Resources: Booklet.

Partner: Poplar HARCA.

Woodberry Down: The People's Story

The Woodberry down Estate in Hackney 

Click here for project website

The local community to uncovers the history of the Woodberry down estate over the past 60 years.

Oral histories: 32 (50 hours).

Resources: Booklet; Exhibition; Shop.

Partner: WDCO.